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About Me

Chey Bodhi

Results Creator – Hypnotherapist

I specialise in guiding you to master your emotional frequency so you can master your life.

In mastering your emotional frequency, you become aligned with the life you want to create and will attract the opportunities that support your desired outcome.

Chey Bodhi

Looking back

My journey to this point in my life has certainly been eventful. I learned the hard way and along the way, discovered my passion. If I had to sum up my childhood in one word, it would be ‘horrific.’ The traumas of childhood had a massive impact on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could earn enough money to escape the terror of home life.

Once in the corporate world, I worked hard and quickly rose to the top. Over the years the workload increased, relationships broke down and I felt mounting frustration at being everything to everyone… except myself. Feeling lost, anxious, tired and defeated, I had a complete breakdown.

Turning point

Always the strong and resilient type, my inability to control my emotions terrified me. The medical profession prescribed pills and for three years I took them. While the pills numbed the pain, they weren’t helping me heal. They were killing me, slowly strangling every emotion out of my life and leaving me feeling like an empty shell.

Barely existing, I knew I couldn’t go on like this, but I was also fearful of returning to the darkness. I became determined to leave prescription drugs behind forever and find my own way out.


Over the next 20 years I searched relentlessly, studying everything that made sense to me. I applied countless teachings and modalities with varying results. It was during this time that I came to a profound realisation. Lasting results are only ever achieved through rediscovering and accepting who you truly are at the deepest level and accepting you’re not broken, that you are already perfect in every way. Everyone has family and societal programming, and learning to recognise when it is in control and raising your frequency above it and stepping back into the driver’s seat of your life in what matters most.

Taking charge of my life

This was ground-breaking for me, someone who had covered my entire life in a cloak of pain, blame, shame, trauma and PTSD. I slowly started to release – in every cell of my being – everything that wasn’t authentically  ‘me.’  In taking responsibility for my own healing, I finally came to know myself deeply. With that knowing came true acceptance and an understanding of my own passion and purpose in life. I found my heart and embraced my soul’s desire.

Chey Bodhi is born

Experiences come into our life for a reason, for us to learn something or to become stronger so we can lead others through their darkness. I experienced trauma, stress and anxiety and found a way to raise my frequency above it, so now I can help others do the same. I worked in demanding business and corporate positions, so now I fully understand the challenges and issues faced by people in their own business or high level corporate roles… and can help them.

I work with the most powerful, yet gentle processes that get rapid results.

My qualifications include:

With my intimate understanding of the damage caused by stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and how difficult it can be to release from our body, mind, and spirit, I focus on creating a safe place for others. Where they re-connect with their authentic self and raise their frequency above all other programming and patterns that limit them. They learn how to master their frequency and in doing so master their life.

Are you ready to raise your frequency and align it with what you dream of?

Let me help! You deserve it!!!


Client Support Specialist

Teddi is a Foodle (Mini Foxie x Toy Poodle) who has the most loving nature and greets clients with a great deal of enthusiasm.

He also offers much love and happiness in whatever dose you feel you need or desire.

He will accept as many pats as you wish to share and will offer in return his gentle loving presence throughout our time together.

Everyone loves him and I have to check when clients leave to ensure they leave him behind.

Of course, if you wish to have a session without his loving and supportive presence, please let me know. He will be disappointed not to meet you and he will understand.

Teddi loves:

Sunrises by the bay

Going for walks

Chilling on the grass



Playing catch me if you can.

Teddi is not fond of:

Lack of cuddles

Loud noises

Being away from his humans