January 2019 Edition

You Are Enough

By Chey Bodhi

How many things have you wanted to do, be, or create in your life, but haven’t? What about a business, or new career path you started, but stopped? You had good reasons though, right? You didn’t have enough time, enough money or enough knowledge. Maybe you didn’t feel you were smart enough, old enough, young enough!

We’re trapped in the thinking that there’s just not enough and what it really boils down to, is our long-held belief that we’re not enough! Not having enough, not being enough or thinking there is just not enough is simply a mindset of lack. It’s debilitating and can affect every aspect of your life – money, relationships, career, and health. It’s when we focus on what we don’t have instead of on what we do have. The message you’re telling yourself boils down to those four little words. I am not enough!

Stories abound of people who have turned their health around, created a great relationship, a successful career. Do you think these people all had something you don’t? Perhaps some did, but many would have started with much less – less skills, less education, less money, yet they were able to go out and achieve what they desired. Because instead of focussing on what they didn’t have, they looked ahead to what they wanted to create and went out and created it. It comes down to where you focus your attention and the messages you are constantly telling yourself.

Society programs us to forget that we are enough. We’re bombarded with images of people who have more, do more and seemingly ‘are’ more than us. No wonder we feel inadequate. It starts at an early age, at school, it’s all about who we hang out with, what grades we achieve.  Then comes adulthood and it’s what we wear, which car we drive. Social media just makes things worse as we’re led to believe everyone else is doing way better in life than us!

I’m not saying don’t go for it. Buy the nice house, have a great car or wear designer clothes, just don’t hang your sense of self-worth on it. When you can embrace that deep understanding that you are enough without all the stuff; then you can be, do and create anything because you already have everything!

The point is, we started our lives as perfect little beings. We were enough. Our parents didn’t say “Oh you’re a beautiful baby, but once you lose those chubby cheeks, get out of those nappies and start walking, then you’ll have made it!” You were perfect then and you’re perfect now! We don’t have to do anything to be perfect. You don’t need to jump through any hoops for others. There is nothing you need that you don’t already have. The magic is within you and deep down you know that.

Through my work, I can help you clear that negative little voice and reconnect to the perfection of you.

December 2018 Edition

The Power of Vulnerability

By Chey Bodhi

Being vulnerable is something that many people find challenging, especially living in a world of judgement and comparison which often comes from within ourselves, or where it feels like everyone is trying to get what they want, without thought for anyone else. However, we are most connected to our soul and to everyone around us when we’re ready to open ourselves and be completely vulnerable.

I appreciate how difficult it can be to be vulnerable, and I’d like to share a different perspective that you may find useful in your own soul journey, as it has been a powerful catalyst for me in mine. Every day we hear and feel the words: I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m stressed, I’m depressed, I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m scared, I’m excited, and so on. These words come from those around us and also from our own internal dialogue, which runs an incessant commentary on how we’re ‘feeling’ in any given moment of every day.

But are these really our true feelings? My experience is that they are simply human emotions, sourced from ego, which we are experiencing each and every day. They are here, and they are gone. Fleeting emotions, like waves, washing over us constantly. Some gently flowing past, some crashing over and around us – leaving mayhem behind in our hearts, minds and lives. We can become numb from the intensity of the never-ending roller-coaster ride they offer, from the highest highs to the lowest lows.

As entrancing and addictive as these emotions may be, the energy vibration they carry comes from our lower more primal chakras and will undoubtedly keep us disconnected from our soul as well as our loved ones and those around us.

True feelings, on the other hand, come from our soul – in the form of love, joy, and compassion – and carry a much higher vibration than human emotions. These true feelings are not fleeting; they are grounded in the very essence of who we are, in our own divinity.

The bridge between human emotions and soulful feelings is our heart. When we go into our heart, feel our divine feelings, and recognise our emotions for what they truly are, we become vulnerable and find instant connection with our soul, our loved ones and those around us.

Why not try this for yourself: experience how different your world becomes when you detach from human emotions and embrace your divinity through your true feelings. If you find it challenging to identify and separate your emotions from your feelings please reach out and contact me. I would love to assist you to re‑connect with who you truly are and learn how to respond to life from your feelings and let go of reacting from emotions.

November 2018 Edition

How Big Is That Onion?

By: Chey Bodhi

Have you ever had something push your buttons, and from nowhere, your reaction is far greater than the situation required? Then on thinking about it later, wondered why you reacted so strongly? Hadn’t you already let go of all that stuff? How many times have you heard someone comment about peeling back another layer of the onion and finding that more healing is needed? Sometimes it can be about something we had already healed, or thought we had healed.

I often refer to this as a Sarah Lee cheesecake, which is made layer upon layer of deliciousness (this refers to an old advertisement for how they make Sarah Lee cheesecakes). That is what the opportunities for growth and healing are, the layers of deliciousness we experience in life.

They provide the flavour for our life and some of us have a little more or less flavour than others and that is perfectly OK, as it’s never a flavour competition. The flavours of life can be just like different flavours of ice cream and it’s still all ice cream, right! How can ice cream be not enough no matter what flavour it is?

We are only ever receiving this deliciousness to grow ourselves through life and advance our soul journey towards ascension into higher realms. Sometimes it can be very difficult to remember we chose to experience these things in this lifetime for a greater purpose.

It’s so easy to forget who we really are when caught in the never-ending cycle of challenge, growth and healing that we experience here on Earth. So easy to forget that we wouldn’t even be on Earth if we weren’t already advanced souls being given the opportunity to experience free will for ourselves.

So, let’s get back to the onion or cheesecake, and why there are so many layers of the same issue to heal. In my experience, we begin fairly unaware of our buttons and we heal the surface-level stuff first and all appears to be OK. Then the next challenge may come that pushes that same button at a deeper level. We now need to heal that next layer and depending on how deep the button goes into our subconscious, depends on how many times the same button may need to be healed.

The thing is, we can’t get to the core until we clear away the surface stuff first. The more we clear and heal as we go, the deeper the healing becomes and the faster we can move through the layers. It’s also about accepting our buttons and knowing they are there to help us grow, and the sooner we recognise the patterns and behaviours triggered and act to heal and release them the greater our evolution into self-awareness.

If you would like help to fast track your healing and move through the layers more quickly, please reach out and contact me. I would love to assist you to re-connect with who you really are and release those button for good.

October 2018 Edition

Wild Woman Wisdom

By: Chey Bodhi

Are you a wild woman? Have you fully embraced that part of yourself that remains untamed by familial and societal expectations and programming? You know the part I’m talking about, that inner whisper or courageous roar when we are being taken for granted, or not treated with the respect we deserve. That voice within knows what is right for us, and whether we need to listen carefully to the whisper or step back from the roar, this is the voice that speaks our wisdom.

It took a long time for me to encourage that whisper to become a roar. For most of my life I could barely hear it and when I could, never really paid it any attention. It was saying things that really challenged my view of the world and myself. Surely, I didn’t deserve more, and shouldn’t I be grateful for my experience of life. However, this little barely‑audible voice kept telling me things like, you’re here to serve in a significant way; you’re more powerful than you think; you need to speak for all those who can’t…

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you also ignore that little voice within encouraging you to step into your truth? It’s challenging at times to believe that inner wisdom, doing its best to be heard, especially when we don’t believe in ourselves and our unique gifts. Eventually, we must listen to our wisdom and embrace the perfect, unique, gifted being that we already are. It’s about remembering we are not only this physical body, we are more, much more than that, and when we do embrace this about ourselves that little voice becomes a roar.

For me, I felt this change within myself when I passed through the right of passage between motherhood and wild woman. A time when my body burned off my limiting beliefs and expectations I held about myself and my gifts. A time when I decided I was really here, and people would either love me or not, and that was OK by me. A time when I no longer tolerated being treated less than I deserved, by myself or anyone else. It was through this purge by fire that my wild woman rose from the ashes like a Phoenix ready to claim what was rightfully mine.

Now, I care less about what people think of me, and more about how people treat me. I care more about serving humanity in the ways that I’m here to serve. I care more about leaving a legacy for future generations so they can embrace their wildness sooner. I care more about our planet, mother earth and grandfather sky, and caring for them as I would a small child.

My mission in life is guiding women to embrace their own perfection, unique gifts and to roar with their wildness. If you need support to connect to your wild woman, please visit my website or connect through Social Media, I would love to hear from you.

September 2018 Edition

Your Childhood Menu

By: Chey Bodhi

Every child deserves to be nurtured from an extensive menu of love and support, which lays the foundation for them to grow into balanced, confident and compassionate adults, living a life with passion and purpose. This type of menu would comprise of things like: love, support, confidence, acceptance, self-worth, compassion, success, commitment, responsibility, faith, happiness, safety, joy, imagination, freedom, achievement, dreams, gratitude, open-mindedness and much more.

Unfortunately, this is not the menu many children are nurtured from, impacting them for the rest of their lives. Their menu consists of things like: fear, anger, anxiety, trauma, abuse, failure, apathy, blame, humiliation, pain, terror, rejection, hate, solitude, intimidation, violence, despair, victimhood, stress and the list continues on.

Which menu were you nurtured from throughout your childhood? Was it the first, second or a combination of both? How has that impacted your ability to create the life you imagined for yourself? Are you consciously aware or unaware of the impact your childhood has on the quality of life you are currently living?

Whatever your answers to these questions, it doesn’t have to be this way for the rest of your life. You have the power to change your future, you can’t change your past, however we can take it’s power away forever. Freeing you to be, do and have whatever you envisage for yourself. Take a moment right now, to just imagine what that would look and feel like for you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of childhood you experienced, healing can take place now and put you back in control of how you experience the remainder of your life. The past can only hold power over us while we leave it locked in the vault, you know the one I’m talking about. It’s all locked up wrapped in chains with big padlocks, then buried under lots of earth and concrete to ensure nothing escapes. Often, we have a nice lawn or garden over the top so no-one, including ourselves suspects there is decay and darkness buried deep beneath the calm and well-manicured surface. As long as all that pain and suffering stays locked away in our vault, we cannot completely heal or take ownership of our power, passion and purpose.

Having grown up being nurtured from the second menu, I know just how difficult it can be to re-program yourself into someone who deeply believes you are worthy, and deserves everything you have ever dreamed of. That you’re already perfect and have just forgotten that by having to bury that part of yourself to survive for all those years. To be invisible so you could live.

This is what I’m deeply passionate about, walking the path with other souls helping them re-discover their true essence and embrace the life they were meant to live. Ensuring their past no longer defines their future, and helping them to become visible in their world in whatever way they want. If you feel drawn to know more, please come and visit my website.

August 2018 Edition

Are You Spoiling the Song?

By: Chey Bodhi

At some point in our parenting journey, many of us lose ourselves a little, or a lot. As babies, our children depended on us for their survival. As toddlers, they developed a sense of themselves as separate beings, but we still had all the answers. Through primary school, the questions came thick and fast as their inquisitive minds continued to grow.

And then came the embarrassment phase. My son sprang it on me at the ripe old age of four. We were driving and our favourite song came on the radio. I began to sing along enjoying the song, and then he said it; the words that stopped me in my tracks. “Mummy, don’t sing. You’re spoiling the song!” Ouch! That hurt! As he got older there were many more and you may be able to relate to a couple of them. “Mum, don’t kiss me goodbye.” Then came “Just stop here and I’ll get out (preferably while the car’s still moving!”)

As a parent we know it’s just our kids finding their way in the world, testing the boundaries and discovering their own thoughts and beliefs. But sometimes in our effort to make life easier for them we lose sight of what is right for us! We can get a little lost and start to forget who we really are. We stop kissing them goodbye and I stopped singing in the car; at least when my boy was with me.

We find ourselves placating our children, perhaps to prove we’re a better parent than our parents were. Maybe we feel we have to modify ourselves to fit into their expectation of how a parent ‘should’ behave. It happens gradually. Every time we say “Ok” when we really want to say “No”, every moment when we disagree, but say nothing, when we want to sing loudly, but we stop and sing no more. In each of those moments, we’ve made a decision — be it a subconscious one — to shut down a part of ourselves.

What if, instead, we stopped for a moment and considered what we wanted. What would have happened if, when my son asked me to stop singing, I said, “I really love this song, and I feel like singing. Just cover your ears!” If you decided what you wanted, you would drop your kid at the front gate and kiss them goodbye. You would be honouring yourself in that moment, and your child would learn that it’s important to be true to yourself.

We would all be better parents if our kids get to see all of us — even the bits that make them squirm a little. If you’re a hugger, hug. If you want to sing, sing. It really has nothing to do with the kids. It’s about reclaiming our authentic self. If you’re feeling the real you is stuck inside somewhere, give me a call and let’s get rid of what’s holding you back, so your awesome self can shine through once again!

July 2018 Edition

Who’s Really in Charge?

By: Chey Bodhi

We all have many different parts that make up our personality, with it being perfectly normal to have up to 15 mini parts.

Let’s look at it this way, when working with my clients, that’s the therapist part of me, I’m also a mother, sister, friend, speaker, author, student, etc.

This only becomes a problem for us when two or more parts are in conflict causing stress, anxiety, confusion, lack of motivation and so on. Often the dominant part is a wounded part that reacts to life through the filter of our wound.

This part may have originated in childhood and is still the part that is calling the shots in our life. It could also be our protector part that is there to protect us from danger which is very important. However, when our protector part is the one in charge, everything is viewed as danger and we are kept safe from the world and all of its great opportunities.

When all of our parts are in balance and are sharing the lead, based on which part of us is most appropriate for the current situation, things in life run smoothly.

Unfortunately, when challenges arise and we become stuck in a negative spiral, we can be assured there is a part that has taken charge and is in complete control, even though it may not be the appropriate part for that set of circumstances.

Have you ever experienced a time when a part of you really wanted to do something, and then another part of you just won’t take the appropriate action required? This is a prime example of parts in conflict leading to procrastination and lack of action towards your dreams.

It may even be as simple as wanting to buy that beautiful pair of shoes you have just seen on sale. The shopper part of you is excited and ready to buy the shoes instantly, imagining all the outfits that will match perfectly with the shoes. Then there is the budgeter part of you that pops up and throws a wet blanket on shopper’s party, by saying you can’t afford to buy those shoes or you won’t be able to pay those bills that are due.

This is when the internal negotiation process starts with shopper justifying the purchase and budgeter refusing to compromise on the bills waiting to be paid. It’s through this internal negotiation that one part will ultimately win, and you will either have an awesome new pair of shoes or will go home empty handed.

These internal negotiations are continual and mostly outside of our conscious awareness. It’s when one part takes charge and refuses to negotiate with any other part, that we are out of balance and our life contracts into only one part of our personality.

If this is something you’re currently experiencing, my unique process is a powerful way to bring all parts of your personality back into balance enabling you to live your best life TODAY.

June 2018 Edition

How Healthy is Your Self-Image?

By: Chey Bodhi

Is your self-image Vibrantly Healthy or Battered & Bruised? Have you left your dreams on the shelf because you just didn’t believe you could achieve them? Was there so much you wanted to create in the world and now the years are flashing by in a blur? Whatever happened to those bold childhood dreams you had?’

Seriously… what happened? My guess is you stopped believing in yourself. What’s more, you started believing in what others thought of you. You subconsciously valued their opinions of you more than what you believed about yourself.

Think back to what others said about you as you were growing up.  Really, think back. Or what may have been said to others about you, while you were there taking it all in! “She’s not very sporty.” “He’s not that academic.”

If something is said often enough to you or about you, from someone you look up to and trust, you’ll start to believe it, especially when you’re at a young age. We value the opinions and beliefs of others long before we start to develop our own beliefs about ourselves.

We take on these false perceptions and believe them to be true. It becomes our identity. We go out into the world being these limited versions of ourselves, and others start buying into that perception as well. “I’m not very creative,” you say and people agree, as that’s who you’ve become.

Our boss, our partner, our friends reinforce these beliefs and sometimes they throw in a few more, just for good measure. “She’s not a very good cook.” “You’re not smart enough to become a lawyer.” We are put neatly in a box and a big fat label is whacked on it. These false beliefs damage our self-image and packs layers of doubt and fear on top. Over the years these layers grow thicker as we continue to believe those labels are our true identity.

Very few of us rip that label off and scream “No way! I AM more than that!”

So, no wonder we’ve left those dreams on the shelf! It can be deeply challenging to overcome our damaged self-image. It stops us from going after what we really want, or even knowing what that is in the first place!

If we’re lucky, we’ll get glimpses of our true potential and start to question the labels and think. “What am I doing? This isn’t me!”

The question is, how much longer do you want to have other people’s labels, thoughts, opinions and beliefs dictate who you are and what you can create in life?

As I love to say, let’s kick all of that to the kerb and reconnected you with your true identity! It’s time to let it all go and start living your life as the confident, passionate extra-ordinary person you already are.

Rip those labels off once and for all, start dreaming again and living your best live TODAY!