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Soul Regression Therapy

This unique process using hypnosis consists of two different types of sessions with the first being Past Life Regression (PLR) followed by After Life Regression (ALR). If you choose to experience both they must be experienced in this order.

Certified Soul Regression Therapist

If you feel there is something holding you back from achieving what you desire in life, and you haven’t been able to identify what that is until now, these could be the sessions for you.

A Soul Regression Therapy session is suitable for people seeking greater self-awareness, personal empowerment, releasing of emotional and/or physical issues, or a deeper understanding of their relationships. They can also assist in the release of karmic patterns, which may include; habits, fears or phobias and can also offer comfort to anyone going through the grieving process by personally experiencing the continuation of the soul after the death of our physical bodies.

It’s quite common for clients to experience immediate results from SRT sessions. Physical and emotional symptoms often released during these sessions may include: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fears, habits, relationship and health issues.

Past Life Regression (PLR)

In this first session, we ask you to write down what your current challenge in a clear statement. This will be the focus of the session to enable you to find the cause for and release throughout this session.

We take a journey together back to a past life or past life experience that is the source of the stress or block and release it there. Enabling you to move past this in this life with grace and ease and regain your joy for living once again.

A man walking along the road of time. concept, the hope for a brighter future

After Life Regression (ALR)

The second session for those who feel drawn to this work is the ALR Session where we visit the spirit realms. We ask you to write down a list of up to 10 of your most burning questions about your current life and you may receive answers from your spirit guides or soul group if appropriate for your current life.

Steps through the cosmos

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

QHHT Qualification

QHHT is a process where we have the opportunity to relax deeply and journey within. Opening access to wider fields of consciousness connecting to our energy matrix.

At times, past-life karmic patterns may be repeating in your current life, and we can choose to release or transform these during this session. At other times, we may have the honour of communicating directly with your ‘higher mind’, which is always available to you. However, our conscious mind and ‘belief systems’ can sometimes filter this wisdom and inspiration out of our awareness.

Soul journey. Image of figure walking steps towards an eye, surrounded by clocks and light

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