Welcome to the 60 Second Stress Test!

Stress is a little word that can pack a big punch – to your body, your mind, your emotions, your relationships, in fact most areas of your life. You may already know stress on a first name basis. Perhaps stress has been a constant companion who comes to stay for long periods. You might just get a visit every now and then or you may be so chilled that stress rarely comes knocking.

Sometimes stress can be sneaky. Symptoms creep in through the cracks and are so subtle they may go unnoticed, but not for long. Soon stress will begin to appear as those constant headaches, that rash that won’t go away, a sudden snap at the kids for no reason, or that feeling of overwhelm at work that grows every day. You can wave stress off as a natural part of life (which it is) but too much stress can have severe, detrimental long term effects – not only to you, but to all those in your world.

Taking this test

This little test should only take 1 minute to complete. Unlike most tests, there are no right or wrong answers. Just tick the first answer that pops into your head. Don’t think about it or analyse it or tick what you would ‘like’ the answer to be. Keep it real! The answers might not reflect exactly where you are right now. Choose the one that’s the closest. After all, you don’t want the stress test to be stressful! First, complete your contact details so your results can be emailed to you. Let’s go!

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