The level of work we do with our clients is extremely confidential and deeply personal. Therefore, we do not name clients on our website to ensure their identity can remain private. Please read what some of our clients have said about their experience with Chey Bodhi.

I came to Chey because I needed some help in creating passive income. After only 2 sessions, I now have a portfolio that’s 2000% up. So grateful I found Chey.


I need to tell you that I've got clients coming our of my wazoo! From everywhere! 9 this week. Thank You!!    


“Couldn’t have done it without you Chey, when I count my blessings, I count you twice.”  

Corporate Executive  

“I feel 10 foot tall and back in charge of my life. Thank you Chey.”


“Thanks for being the most amazing human.”

HVAC Business Owner  

“I have spent time and money on counsellors, psychologists, and healers, and they have all helped, but not enough, with the change I wanted. When I came to Chey I was flat, felt I had done a huge amount of self development, but was stuck.  Everything seemed to be on hold and I had felt this way for over 3 years. I committed to working with Chey, to discover my core being, what I wanted and where to from here. My fear has reduced, my anxiety lessened and I have hope for my future. In her field, Chey is outstanding and if you are ready, go to Chey and be prepared to smile a lot. Each day now, I am ready for the world, and it feels great.”  

  Corporate Executive

"I was a little unsure of what the outcome would be of my stress session with Chey, but have to say I was really amazed. The session was utterly relaxing and tranquil and I felt so calm and peaceful when I left Chey's studio. I slept like a log that night and highly recommend having a session with Chey if you feel that stress is starting to affect your life." 

  Corporate Executive

"If I was to describe in one word the de-stress session with Chey, it would be “peace”.  The flow on has been that once again all sorts of ideas are flowing and also when making art and being creative the vibrancy and originality is once again returning.  Also I have observed a change in my responses to a much more balanced perspective in situations.  Thank you Chey you’re awesome."


“I had noticed a recurring behavioural pattern in my business as well as life in general. I had noticed a deep reluctance to move forward. I have dreams and goals but would feel a sense of not just overwhelm but actual freeze when I felt the need to step up to the next level. My first session with Chey opened my eyes to the beliefs and deeply instilled fears that were playing out in my daily habits. It filled in the pieces of the puzzle as to why I’ve always felt the way I do. I’ve never been hypnotised, but I’m quite amazed at what came up and I have so much more clarity and am already moving forward. I’d recommend anyone go see Chey Bodhi as she makes sure you’re gently cared for and feel totally safe and at ease at all times.”

 Yoga Instructor

"It was an experience that I felt was totally worth doing as it has filled in that piece of the puzzle as to why I have felt the way I do all these years, even as far back as my childhood. I’ve never in my life done anything like this or ever been hypnotised, but I’m quite amazed at what came up and how I now feel I have so much more clarity and already I’m moving forward in small steps.

I’d recommend anyone go see Chey Bodhi and have this done as she makes sure you’re gently cared for and feel totally safe and at ease at all times."

 Nutrition Coach

"I received information that enables me to live this life feeling more empowered to be who I truly am. It is now a deep knowing within. I am not alone.I am strong. Thank you Chey, for such a beautiful and life affirming experience. I would highly recommend soul regression therapy for a greater understanding from knowing your previous lives. It is with this awareness and understanding you can affect changes in the here and now for a more fulfilling life."   


"I found her sessions very helpful.  The first one was a Past Life Regression showing me experiences from a past life and I felt it helped me to understand that I am on the right path. The second session goes into Life between Lives,  I enjoyed this session because it gave me an insight into why I had the health issue and also why I sometimes feel alone. Chey was extremely supportive and guided me along in a very gentle but decisive way. I would highly recommend her."